‘Cut From A Star’ was the debut album of British singer/ songwriter, multi- instrumentalist and visual artist Ian Skelly.
After drumming in The Coral for over a decade he   recorded his first solo LP. The music combines influences from the spiritual side of psychedelia and emulates the techniques of 60’s and 70’s recording. This was achieved by using a tascam tape cassette machine, tracked vocals and layered guitars.
The Album wass released in November 2012, and was recorded in The Coral Rehearsal space (The Coral Caves).
It includes appearances by James Skelly featured playing bass on ‘Cut from A Star’, Paul Duffy and Nick Power feature throughout the whole album contributing bass and keyboard parts. The album also includes  Sundowners on backing vocals and guitar and bass for  the song ‘I See You’. Lee Southall plays lead guitar on the track ‘Time’. Bob Pickin is on double bass and harmonica for the tracks ‘DNA’ and ‘Cut From A Star’ and Miles Kane is on guitar for the end track ‘It’s Only Love’. All sessions were hands on recorded by Ian Skelly.

At present Ian Skelly is working on Serpent Power  a new psychedelic music collaboration between himself and Paul Molloy (the Zutons) formed in 2014.

The pair discovered an instant songwriting chemistry between them at an aftershow party, they immediately booked themselves into Castle Grayskull studios in Merseyside and began work on their debut album.

Deciding to keep the name of Ian’s backing band from his ‘Cut From A Star’ solo album tour..The Serpent Power was born.

After an intense flurry of recording activity, the album was complete; and a strange and bizarre world of warped madness had been created by the pair.
Their debut album unravels like a darkly psychedelic comic horror book; with twisted tales of alien brain abduction, phantom bogeymen; sirens, voodoo witchdoctors and waitresses come serial killers to name but a few.

With their first single set for release in early 2015 and eponymous debut album set for release on 4th May 2015 they invite YOU..pretty baby..to dig the Serpent Power!!!GetInline-2

Debut album by Ian Skelly

Debut album by Ian Skelly


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