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This week’s new live music

Ian Skelly | Indians | Thurston Moore & Michael Chapman | ICP Orchestra | Walter Smith III | La Clemenza di Tito

Ian Skelly

Ian Skelly

Ian Skelly, Sheffield

One of the most promising bands of the early 21st century, the Coral have now assumed an almost dynastic aspect. The band themselves continue to make good, increasingly subtle records, but from their ranks there has recently begun an outgrowth of individual talent. Last year, former guitarist Bill Ryder-Jones unveiled a wonderful album of soundtrack-appropriate grandeur, with another coming soon. Associate and kindred spirit Neville Skelly has revealed himself to be a balladeer of considerable depth. Now Ian Skelly – Coral drummer and younger brother of singer James – has released an enjoyable and accomplished solo album, Cut From A Star. Skelly makes grander and more anthemic music – a bit Serge Gainsbourg, a bit Lee Hazlewood. Skelly is definitely heading for the spotlight, he’s just getting there slowly and sideways.

The Leadmill, Fri; touring to 9 Feb



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