Interview with @soul_kitchen_fr

photo   Ian Skelly, batteur scouser de luxe

English translation of Interview for SK Soul Kitchen by Louis

1) You are no Ringo Starr in the band, but you are a George Harrisson. You used not to write songs very much in the Coral. Now, you’re offering us 11 important titles. Can you explain this? Will you write more for the Coral in the future?
I’ve always written songs and recorded throughout my time in The Coral. On previous Coral albums I was more involved in the arrangement of the music. Our last album Butterfly House is were I became more involved with song writing for the band. 1000 years, More Than A Lover and Roving Jewel were all songs I co wrote with Lee and James.

2)When did you write the songs for your album?
I There are songs on Cut From A Star (Caterpillar & Nickle and a Dime) that I wrote around the time of the first Coral Album. It’s only now that The Coral have had a break that I’ve been able to record them and get them out there. The rest of the songs were written over the last two years.
3) The Coral have been around during the recording sessions. James, Lee, Nick are playing on the album. Didn’t you feel like recording somewhere else, with new people?
At the time I was recording I never had it in mind that i would release an album. I was mainly just recording the songs for myself and exploring and experimenting with my ideas. Most of my recording time was done after Coral rehearsals, so anyone who was free would play on it. As far as playing with new people somewhere else that was never an option but maybe for my next album?
4) How is it to publish a disc on your own name?
Great. I’m really pleased with how the album has turned out, its received a positive reaction from people which has been good.
5) By which musics have you been influenced for this solo album? Dennis Wilson?
I’ve been influenced by lots of music, to name them all woud take ages, I like Later Beach Boys stuff, Dennis Wilson solos material, The Beatles white Album, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, The Byrds and lots of underground psychedelic artists and albums such as Skip Spence, The Dragons, Jim Sullivan, Paul Parrish and many more.
6) The video clips for Paper Sky and Cut from a Star are very carefully designed. Did you supervise it all?
I had an idea of what I wanted the videos to be. I got a talented film maker Dominic Foster to bring my concept to reality.
7) Cut From a star is very nostalgic? Isn it?
I suppose sonically the sound is because of the way it’s recorded. But I think the songs have an individual character of their own.
Now you’re going to start producing with the Sundowners. Could you tell me more about this new role for you… Do you like it?
I’ve always been interested in the recording process and I have a lot of studio experience. I have been on both sides of the glass
so I’m able to understand how to help get the best out of a young band. I would definitly like to do more producing of other bands in the future.

TOP 7:
1) The worst album of the year? The best?
I don’t listen to albums I don’t like lifes too short, best album – there are two albums I like this year Father john Misty Fearfun and Johnathon Wilson Gentle spirit and By The Sea debut album
2) The best place to watch a gig?
In your mind not on your phone
3) The disc you are ashamed of?
I’m not ashamed of any of the music I own even my gloria estefan CD haha
4) Dennis Wilson or Brian Wilson?
Both no question
5) The ultimate chorus?
Dancing in the Dark Bruce Springsteen
6) If you must create a festival.. Which name? Which bands?
Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, The Stones, Finished of with the headline act Queen. Festival is called ‘Rockin in a Recession’
7) The producer of your dreams?
jeff lynne


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