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The critically acclaimed album Cut From A Star by Ian Skelly is now available as a Deluxe Album with Live Serpent Power Acoustic CD. Released Monday 22nd July  Skeleton Key Records.


Beautiful Album” MOJO 4-stars

psych-odyssey from Coral sticksman” UNCUT

these tunes have a wistful, fantastical power.” THE GUARDIAN 4-stars

“Cut From A Star contains all the things a great psych album should”  SHINDIG MAGAZINE

“Cut from a Star” suggests what Pink Floyd might have sounded like augmented with Roy Wood’s cellos”



           1.Cut From A Star  2.Paper Sky  3.Opus Dawn  4.Firebird  5.Nickel and a Dime  6.D.N.A  7.I See You  8.Time  8.Caterpillar  9.I Call Her Name 10. I Call Her Name 11. It’s Only Love 12. I See You (live) 13. Cut From A Star (live)                 14. Firebird (live)  15. D.N.A (live) 16. Nickel and a Dime (live) 17. Time (live)

Buy Cut From A Star Deluxe Album including Live acoustic session with The Serpent Power

Buy CD Below

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Download the album


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